init AG supports the following services:

SIRI Stop Monitoring services (SM) subscription

SIRI Stop Monitoring services (SM) request/response

SIRI Vehicle Monitoring service (VM)

SIRI Production Timetables service (PT)

SIRI Estimated Timetable service (ET)

There are installations in:

LCC, Leicester

BAC, Dublin

SWM, München

Trafikanten, Oslo

GVTA, Vancouver

MENTZ GmbH, München,

Transport for London (Great Britain):

Service: SIRI ET

Partner: London River Services

Transport for London (Great Britain):

Service: SIRI GM

Partner: Kizoom Ltd.

Suffolk County Council (Great Britain):

Service: SIRI PT, ET, VM, SX

Partner: Moviken-SLE, Mobisoft

Hannoversche Informationstechnologien (Germany):

Service: SIRI SX

Partner: Verkehrsverbund Bremen-Niedersachsen, Hacon


Data Exchange using SIRI SX (Situation Exchange Service) with DEFAS in Regensburg (end 2014)