IDFM (Ild-de-France Mobilité) in Ile de France (all networks), including urban rail and tram from SNCF, metro and tram from RATP and all bus operators (Keolis, Transdev, RATP, etc.)

Ineo (AVMS provider) in Amiens, Rouen, Rennes and Centre Essonne - for Bus network

SNCF: national level- for rail network

Sytral in Lyon - for bus, metro and tram network

Transdev in Montpellier - for Bus network

Lumiplan (AVMS provider)

Main used services are: Stop Monitoring et General Message plus Check Status, and some Discovery services 

and comming: Facility Monitoring, Situation Exchange and Vehicle Monitoring

Publish/Subscribe and SIRI V2 is be used Ile de France and a lot of other regions.