United Kingdom

Kizoom uses it to connect about 16 real-time systems to the national traveline system which has timetable for the whole country and real time for some areas.

For one example see here 

The SIRI framework is now also being used in the UK UTMC XML framework for road traffic e.g.

For example see here

At least 50 sites in the uk using SIRI since some of the main AVL suppliers, e.g. ACIS are using it for all their installations.

The national “NextBuses” service makes extensive use of SIRI_SX. The architecture of this service, very simply, involves a national platform to which users make their enquiries. That national platform determines where it can get real-time information from for the requested stop - and also from which traveline region it can get scheduled times for that same stop. It sends two enquiries out - one to the real-time system, and one to the regional traveline system. The responses from those two enquiries are blended to give (as far as possible) the real-time information where it exists - and the scheduled times for services which do not have real-time information - in the response sent to the enquirer. This means that we have nationwide coverage through a single information service, whether or not an area is covered with real-time information - including for stops where only some services are known by the real-time system. (4.2013)